Why should you eat eggs every day?

  • 1 It contains tons of vitamins

    Eggs contain plenty of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, folate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, zinc, and a host of B vitamins, including B5, B12, B6, as well as Vitamin D and E.

  • 2 It boosts the immune system

    Eggs contain almost 22% of your recommended dietary allowance selenium, a nutrient that supports your immune system.

  • 3 Eggs raise HDL

    HDL is short for High Density Lipoprotein, a term used to describe good or non-harmful cholesterol. HDL usually reduces the risk of heart diseases.  

  • 4 It's good for the brain

    Eggs are an excellent source of choline, a compound that helps the brain to build new cell membranes. This compound is usually grouped with Vitamin B, which is also another vitamin that eggs have.   

  • 5 It improves skin and hair

    Eggs contain a set of B-vitamins that are necessary for hair, nails and skin. Eggs are rich with B5, B12 and B2, which are also good for the nervous system. 

  • 6 It can make 9 amino acids

    The body usually produces 11 amino acids, while the amount that it really needs far exceeds this number. Eggs can provide the rest of the acids, and thus protects the body from to muscle wasting, decreased immune response, weakness, fatigue, and changes to the texture of your skin and hair. 

  • 7 It's great for eye health

    There are a few nutrients in eggs that can support healthy vision and prevent the eyes from any diseases. Those nutrients are zeaxanthin and lutein. Eggs are also rich with vitamin A, which prevents a person from blindness. 

  • 8 Eggs are high quality protein

    Protein is the building block of the body, and eggs has more the 60 grams of protein. It also has the right amount of amino acid, which can make the body use all the amount of protein in the eggs.

  • 9 It can help you lose weight

    Eggs have a large amount of protein, which is one of the most fulfilling macronutrients. Studies have shown that women who were given eggs for breakfast in their diets instead of bagel lost weight faster and felt full for a course of 36 hours.  

  • 10 It reduces anxiety

    The 9 amino acids that the eggs contain can have a strong mental effect. A 2014 study showed that lysine (a-mino acid) helped a lot of people to produce serotonin.

  • 11 It improves bones and teeth

    Eggs contain vitamin D, which is essential for the health of bones and teeth. It does this initially by supporting calcium, which improves the health of bones and teeth.

  • 12 It makes you more energetic

    One egg can contain 15% of your required required amount of vitamin B2 (also called riboflavine). This vitamin helps the body to convert food into fuel and produce energy.