Why smartphones are expensive

  • 1 They are paying for the brand

    Famous brand names always cost money. Part of the money you pay for a branded product goes for the brand itself. An iPhone, for example, is expensive because it's an iPhone. See why iPhones are expensive.

  • 2 They use expensive materials

    The manufacturing process of smartphones might use expensive materials. The price of the material is directly added to the price of the phone.

  • 3 High research costs

    Smartphones usually have state of the art components. This requires continuous research. The research and development cost a lot of money and the costs are thus added to the price of the phone.

  • 4 They have many components

    Smartphones have many components including cameras, sensors, motion detectors and so on. Some of those components can be expensive to add.

  • 5 The specs are always on the rise

    Each new smartphone usually tries to be better than its older version. This requires a constant increase of resources to produce the new phone.

  • 6 Manufacturing is a challenge

    Smartphones keep getting thinner, more powerful and more capable. This makes the manufacturing process for those phones very demanding.

  • 7 They have state of the art technology

    An older smartphone might be much cheaper. The new versions of smartphones have state of the art technology and so manufacturers demand higher prices.

  • 8 They are getting bigger

    Smartphones are getting bigger. This requires adding additional material to the phones and thus making their production more costly. See why smartphones are getting bigger.