Why some Youtubers are fake

  • 1 Many developed fake identities

    Many Youtubers have developed fake identities that have nothing to do with their real personalities. Those people project those identities online to their viewers while they live totally different lives in reality.

  • 2 Some want to appear richer

    Some Youtubers tell lies and fake a certain life style in order to seem richer, more successful and more popular. See why some Youtubers are depressed.

  • 3 Many lie to get more popular

    Many Youtubers, including some famous ones, have lied or created scams in order to get really popular and to attract more subscribers. Some of those scams were exposed later on.

  • 4 Some try to fake happiness

    Some Youtubers are sad and depressed. Those Youtubers try to fake happiness in their videos to maintain the happy identities they created in their channels. See why some Youtubers disable comments.

  • 5 Some buy fake views

    Some wanna-be Youtubers buy fake likes, comments and views in order to make their channels seem more popular. Those Youtubers fake the whole thing to appear popular.

  • 6 Some create pranks

    Some Youtubers create pranks to get viewers. Those Youtubers pay people to act then make it seem like they are doing pranks to random people.

  • 7 Some make heavily scripted videos

    Some people make heavily scripted videos then act like they are speaking naturally or just being themselves. Youtubers do this to make their channels popular and to make more money. 

  • 8 Some create fake news

    Some Youtubers create fake news for the sake of getting more views and subscribers. Some of those Youtubers were exposed.