Why some men don't like makeup

  • 1 They think it makes women look fake

    Some men think makeup doesn't make a woman more beautiful, but makes her look fake. 

  • 2 Some women put on too much

    Some men don't like the fact that some women put on too much makeup and not in a subtle way. 

  • 3 They like their natural look

    Some men prefer to see women in their natural look and think it's more beautiful.

  • 4 They think it's overpriced

    Some men don't understand why women spend a lot of money on makeup instead of other important things. 

  • 5 They think it hides their real beauty

    Some men think makeup takes away from a woman's natural beauty that doesn't need any alterations. 

  • 6 It makes them look like each other

    Some men don't like how makeup makes women all look like carbon copies from each other since they all follow the same trends. 

  • 7 Some like simple makeup

    Some men like makeup that is simple and subtle such as nude lipstick. 

  • 8 They don't like women who care too much about their looks

    Some men like women who are more care-free and not obsessed with their looks. 

  • 9 They think they're hiding something

    Some men think makeup is used by women to hide their flaws, which they find manipulative.

  • 10 They are feminists

    Men who are feminists believe women should not put on makeup to please anyone and should embrace their natural look.