Why some Egyptians love Hosni Mubarak

  • 1 They got used to him

    Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for 30 years. During that time he became a familiar face to Egyptians as his pictures were everywhere and he spoke on every occasion. Some people got familiar with him and didn't imagine Egypt under the rule of someone else.

  • 2 A father figure

    Some people saw Hosni Mubarak as a father figure for Egyptians. Hosni Mubarak crossed the age of eighty while ruling Egypt but he always seemed much younger. This made him seem like a father figure to some Egyptians.

  • 3 Economic and political stability

    During Hosni Mubarak's rule, there was a state of general stability. While few things changed to the better, the country was in a stable and somehow predictable state that allowed businessmen and rich people to take advantage of the market (See why the 25th of Jan revolution happened).

  • 4 6th October's victory was attributed to him

    Hosni Mubarak was the commander of the air forces during the 6th of October. Some people went as far as attributing the victory of the war against Israel on 6th of October to him.

  • 5 Some business men were given special privilages

    Some business men, especially the ones supporting the regime, were given very special privileges during his rule. As Hosni Mubarak was removed by the revolution, many of those businessmen lost their privileges.

  • 6 The national democratic party was given superior privileges

    The national democratic party, the ruling party which the president belonged to, was the only real party in the country and its people had special privileges. People belonging to the NDP were loyal to Hosni Mubarak, for his continuity to rule Egypt meant the continuity of their authority.

  • 7 Some people were benefiting from the corrupution

    The era of Hosni Mubarak was famous for the wide corruption that was spread almost everywhere in the system. People benefiting from the corruption were loyal to Hosni Mubarak, for his removal would threaten the way they do their business or work.

  • 8 Because of believing that corruption came from the people surrounding him

    Some Egyptians believe that Hosni Mubarak was a good person and that all the corruption that happened in the country came from the bad people surrounding him.

  • 9 Fear of the unknown

    Some people preferred Hosni Mubarak's rule over the unknown, as they didn't like the uncertainty of being ruled by a new president who has a different mindset after 30 years of being used to a certain system.

  • 10 They weren't affected by poverty

    The rich who weren't affected by the tough living conditions liked the president.

  • 11 They believed he was a good representative of Egypt

    Hosni Mubarak had good charisma and was always able to deliver good speeches. This made some people believe that he was a good representative of Egypt (See why many Egyptians supported El Sisi).