Why some men don't like muscular women

    Why some men don't like muscular women

  • 1 They don't think it's feminine

    Some men think women have to be skinny and petite since they consider it more feminine. 

  • 2 They're threatened by them

    Some men may be threatened by muscular women since they pose a challenge to them. 

  • 3 They have to prove themselves to them

    If a man meets a muscular woman, he might be compelled to compete with her to prove that he's stronger than her. 

  • 4 Due to cultural beliefs

    Some cultures believe women must be protected by men and that being strong and muscular is not something to be proud of. 

  • 5 Women are believed to be weak

    Many men think women are originally weak and need men to protect them, which could confuse them when they see a strong woman that doesn't need their protection. 

  • 6 They don't find them attractive

    Some men are turned off by the sight of prominent muscles on a woman's body and think it makes them look unattractive. 

  • 7 It hurts their ego

    If a woman appears to be stronger than a man, the man might experience self-confidence issues since it could make them look weak in front of other people. 

  • 8 They believe it's a masculine trait

    Many people, not just men, think that being muscular is a purely masculine trait and that women shouldn't have prominent muscles.

  • 9 They like curvy women

    Some men like curvy women and like to see them flaunt their curves not their big muscles.

  • 10 It makes them appear tough

    Some men might think of muscular women as having a tough personality and not easy-going just by the sight of their muscles. 

  • 11 They don't like athletic women

    Some men don't like athletic women and prefer women who have more feminine interests such as dancing. 

  • 12 They prefer toned women

    Some men prefer women who have toned, fit bodies but not muscular ones.