Why some people are afraid of the dark

  • 1 Previous bad experience

    A person can develop a fear of the dark if they went through a previous bad experience that happened in the dark such as getting mobbed. 

  • 2 Due to parents' influence

    If a kid grows up in a house that sleeps with the lights on, they might not be able to change this habit when they grow up. 

  • 3 Used to sleeping with the lights on

    A person who grew up while being used to sleeping with the lights on won't be able to sleep in the dark easily. 

  • 4 Due to horror books and movies

    People who read horror books and watch horror movies might find it hard to sleep in the dark, and will prefer sleeping with the lights on. 

  • 5 They have anxiety

    People who suffer from anxiety might get anxious when it's dark and prefer to sit and sleep in well-lit areas. 

  • 6 Due to cultural beliefs

    Some cultures might propagate the belief that the night is full of demons and evil spirits, which might influence some people and make them afraid of the dark.

  • 7 They fear the unknown

    People who fear the unknown might be afraid of the dark, as they don't know what might be happening or moving around them. 

  • 8 They feel powerless

    Some people might be afraid of the dark because it makes them feel powerless since they can't predict an attack and defend themselves, for example. 

  • 9 They don't try to overcome it

    People who don't try to overcome their fear of darkness will suffer from it all their lives. 

  • 10 It's a natural instinct

    Some psychologists believe fear of the dark is a natural instinct, as early human beings were conditioned to fear the dark since danger can be found in it. 

  • 11 Due to an abusive or troubled past

    People with an abusive or troubled past usually develop a fear of the dark, as they fear their bad experience might happen in it again. 

  • 12 It magnifies their thoughts

    People who don't like being alone with their thoughts might hate darkness, as it magnifies their thoughts. 

  • 13 A reflection of their anxities

    When a person suffers from anxiety they are likely to project their fears onto objects. A person can fear darkness while in fact they could just be too anxious about something else in their lives.