Why some people are disorganized

  • 1 They had disorganized parents

    Being raised by parents who are chronically disorganized can make the person chronically disorganized as well. In such a case, the behavior is learned from parents.

  • 2 They have a changing life style

    If the person is frequently moving or changing jobs, they might adapt to those changes by becoming disorganized.

  • 3 They were spoiled children

    Spoiled children might become disorganized adults because they were taught that someone will always do their things for them.

  • 4 They have self regulation problems

    People who have self regulation problems might become disorganized, as they fail to motivate themselves to put things in their proper place.

  • 5 They are emotionally attached to things

    When people have high emotional attachment to things, they might become disorganized as they feel more safe keeping everything in their line of sight. See what causes compulsive hoarding.

  • 6 They have problems completing things

    Some disorganized people have problems completing things to the end. As a result, those people end up surrounded by objects related to the various unfinished things they had to go through.

  • 7 They have multiple interests

    People who have multiple interests might become disorganized, as they might have problems sorting out everything they need.

  • 8 They are creative

    Creativity can make a person disorganized. Because a very creative person might not be able to think in a linear form, they might become disorganized.

  • 9 Their life style is demanding

    A very demanding job, the arrival of a child or any other kind of pressure can make a person become disorganized. 

  • 10 They are more right-brained

    Some people are disorganized because they lack sorting skills. Sorting is a left-brained task and so right-brained people might have problems doing it.

  • 11 They suffer from compulsive hoarding

    Compulsive hoarding is a disorder where people have serious problems getting rid of old objects. Compulsive hoarders usually become disorganized because of the many items they have to store.