Why some people are workaholics

  • 1 They can't balance their life and work

    People who are unable to balance their work life and their personal life often become workaholics. 

  • 2 To gain recognition

    People who dedicate themselves fully to their work often do so to gain recognition from their peers and colleagues. 

  • 3 They get an adrenaline rush when they reach a goal

    People can experience an adrenaline rush when they reach a goal. A workaholic can thus get addicted to this rush and always seek to reach it. 

  • 4 They like to be in control

    People who like to be in control might become workaholics as a result of always wanting to stay ahead of things and making sure everything is done perfectly. 

  • 5 It might indicate a psychological issue

    Being a workaholic might be a way of covering a deeper psychological issue such as anxiety or depression. 

  • 6 They've been working their entire lives

    Some workaholics develop the habit as a result of starting to work very early on in their lives and taking on important responsibilities as young adults.

  • 7 They are competitive

    People with competitive personalities might become workaholics as a result of wanting to be better than their colleagues and accomplish better results. 

  • 8 They have nothing else to do

    A person can become addicted to work if they have nothing better to do in their life. 

  • 9 They like the sense of self-importance

    Being busy all the time feeds some people's sense of self-importance which they strive to maintain.  

  • 10 They are perfectionists

    Perfectionists will not leave something until they make sure it's perfect, which might lead to becoming a workaholic. 

  • 11 They set high expectations

    People who set high expectations for themselves will work hard to ensure that they achieve them even if it means becoming a workaholic. 

  • 12 They like a challenge

    People who find challenges exciting might get carried away at work to the extent that they become workaholics.