Why some people are always early

    Why some people are always early

  • 1 They are punctual

    Some people are very punctual to the extent that they prefer arriving early to their appointment than be late. 

  • 2 They hate being late

    Some people absolutely hate being late to anything so they choose to always arrive early. See Why are some people always late

  • 3 They don't estimate time correctly

    Some people end up arriving early because they can't estimate the time it will need them to arrive to their destination. 

  • 4 To avoid traffic

    Some people choose to arrive early to their destination to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

  • 5 To leave a good impression

    Arriving early to an appointment usually leaves a good impression, which is why some people do it.

  • 6 They're affected by the people around them

    If a person grows up in a house that respects time and is always punctual, they are very likely to be punctual as well.

  • 7 It's in their culture

    Some cultures value being on time and even being early such as as the Japanese and German cultures. See Why are Germans so punctual

  • 8 To avoid stress

    Some people choose to go early to their appointments in order to avoid getting stressed over the possibility of being late. 

  • 9 To have time to prepare

    In some cases, arriving early is necessary to start preparing for something such as a presentation or meeting. 

  • 10 They are Type A personalities

    Type A personalities are aware of the value of time and are always on time, which is why some of them may prefer to arrive earlier than other people. 

  • 11 They are pessimists

    Some studies claim that people who are always late or on time are more pessimistic than people who are late. 

  • 12 They have anxiety

    It is possible that people who are always early have anxiety, which makes them go to their appointments or destination early.