Why some people believe Virtual reality will succeed

    Why some people believe Virtual reality will succeed

  • 1 VR technology advanced a lot since the 90s

    Some people believe that the reason for the failure of VR in the 90s was the fact that the technology was still primitive. Those people believe that the technology is now advanced enough for VR to succeed.

  • 2 Headsets will get cheaper

    Some people argue that headsets will become cheaper, as production and adoption increases. Those people believe that this will lead to more adoption and so to the success of the virtual reality industry. See why some people think VR will fail.

  • 3 Big players got into the industry

    Big players such as Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Facebook and Google got into the virtual reality industry. Some people see this as a sign that the industry will make it. See why Facebook bought Oculus rift for $2 Billion dollars.

  • 4 The experience is very immersive

    Advancements in technology made the VR experience become very immersive and exciting, especially with advanced headsets such as Oculus Rift. See how Virtual reality feels like.

  • 5 The technology will get much better

    Many people believe that the VR technology will make fast and big leaps in the next few years until they reach a stage where most people will want to be a part of it.

  • 6 It will replace movies and games

    Some people believe that VR can replace traditional movies, games and even TVs. Those people believe that the technology will be good enough that it will result in wide adoption.

  • 7 The sickness problem will be solved

    Some people believe that VR companies will find creative ways to end the sickness problem that sometimes result from using a VR headset.

  • 8 The desire to escape

    Some people point to the human's strong desire to escape from real life as a powerful drive that will lead to the adoption of VR. See why people like horror movies.

  • 9 VR didn't fail in the 90s

    Some people argue that VR didn't fail in the 90s, but instead, it was adopted by certain communities and used for purposes such as scientific research. 

  • 10 VR is not like Kinect

    Some people argue that VR isn't like Xbox Kinect which didn't achieve much success. Those people argue that while Kinect used an external device for gesture tracking, VR tracks the movement of the person's body.