Why some people can't drive at night

    Why some people can't drive at night

  • 1 Due to blurry vision

    Some people's vision becomes cloudy and blurry when it becomes dark and thus can't drive at night. 

  • 2 Dilated pupils results in inability to focus

    Since dilated pupils take in more light, it results in the inability to focus or see well at night. 

  • 3 Details aren't sharp

    As opposed to day light when images are sharp and detailed, night time results in reduced focus and lack of details. 

  • 4 They need glasses

    Not being able to drive well at night might mean the person needs to start wearing glasses or change their prescription. 

  • 5 Due to having dry eyes

    Having dry eyes due to age or contact lenses may affect your vision and result in poor driving at night. 

  • 6 Due to having cataracts

    Having cataracts can result in seeing glares or halos around light when driving at night, which can be annoying for some people.

  • 7 It might be due to diabetes

    In some cases, not being able to drive at night may be due to diabetes. 

  • 8 Due to a genetic disorder

    A genetic disorder called retinitis pigmentosa may prevent a person from driving at night. 

  • 9 Having night blindness

    Some people have night blindness (nyctalopia), which prevents them from driving at night since they can't see well in the dark.

  • 10 Due to certain medications

    Some medications may be the reason behind some people's night vision problems. 

  • 11 Due to nutritional deficiency

    Some people's night vision may be decreased in quality due to having some nutritional deficiency.