Why some people carry two phones

  • 1 To separate work from social life

    Some people carry two phones in order to separate work from their social life. Those people usually assign one phone to work and the other one to friends and family.

  • 2 To keep the old number

    Some people get a new number yet keep the old one in order to maintain connections with the ones who have the old number. Those people usually get rid of the other phone when the migration process ends.

  • 3 They don't have a dual-sim phone

    Some people carry two phones because they don't have a dual-sim phone. Once those people get a dual-sim phone, they get rid of one of the phones.

  • 4 To multitask

    Some people own two phones in order to multitask. Those people might want to do things such as watch a movie on one phone while checking Facebook on the other one.

  • 5 To reduce anxiety

    Some people get very anxious when they lose connection with the world. Those people might carry two phones in case one of them ran out of battery or even got damaged.

  • 6 They travel often

    Some people carry two phones because they sometimes need to get another sim card in a new country. Those people keep the old number on the old phone and add a new sim card to the new phone.

  • 7 They are developers

    Developers usually need to test their programs on multiple devices. It's not uncommon for an app developer to have 2 different types of phones.

  • 8 To use more features

    Some people use two phones in order to have access to a wider array of features. 

  • 9 Their companies gave them one

    Some companies give work phones to employees. In such a case, the person keeps their old phone in addition to the new one they got.

  • 10 To have a private number

    Some people own two phones in order to have one private number that few people know about. Those people give the private number only to very close people.