Why some people don't brush their teeth

    Why some people don't brush their teeth

  • 1 They aren't that concerned with hygiene

    Some people are not concerned with hygiene. These people might ignore some of the normal health practices people do such as brushing their teeth.

  • 2 No bad past experience

    If a person doesn't have a bad past experience concerning his teeth such as painful dentist visits, then he might not commit to the habit of brushing his teeth.

  • 3 Aren't aware of the risks

    People who aren't aware of the risks of not brushing their teeth might not develop the habit of brushing them.

  • 4 They forget

    Some people don't brush their teeth regularly simply because they forget. This happens because unconsciously they don't think that brushing their teeth is that important.

  • 5 To rebel

    Many adults, who were forced to do certain things as kids by their caregivers rebel when they grow up by not doing those things. One of those things could be brushing their teeth.

  • 6 Life style issues

    If a person eats outside his home a lot because of his job or life style then he might find it hard to brush his teeth after each meal.

  • 7 Laziness

    Many people remember to brush their teeth but fail to do it out of laziness. 

  • 8 They think it's trivial

    Many people don't brush their teeth because they believe it's a trivial matter that doesn't require much attention. As a result, these people forget about brushing their teeth often.

  • 9 They use other methods

    Some people use other methods to clean their teeth such as toothpicks and believe that they are enough.

  • 10 They don't have time

    Some people, especially the ones who have very busy schedules, don't find enough time to take care of other health aspects.