Why some people don't build defenses - Clash of Clans

  • 1 To attack low level town halls

    Engineered bases or bases with very low defenses, sometimes none, are created for attacking purposes. Those bases can attack players with low level town halls and thus help the player get more loot. The algorithm will match this base with ones with low defenses.

  • 2 Strong army attacking a weak base

    Engineered bases get matched with lower level town halls when they attack. In other words, those bases can attack weaker bases while having strong troops. This gives the player an attack advantage.

  • 3 To get an advantage in clan battles

    Engineered bases, or defenseless bases, give attackers an advantage in clan wars. The player can have an attack power that matches a town hall 9 but they will get matched with weaker bases.

  • 4 To rush upgrades

    Engineered bases allow players to rush upgrades of the town hall and army since they don't have to spend anything on walls or defenses. This kind of base allows players to build a strong offense fast.

  • 5 It reduces the clan's overall weight

    Such bases also reduce the Clan's overall weight; thus allowing clans to have easier matches in clan wars.

  • 6 To fight an easy clan

    Engineered bases help in clan wars by making it possible for players to fight an easy clan.