Why some people don't have a Facebook account

    Why some people don't have a Facebook account

  • 1 They think it's a waste of time

    Some people don't use Facebook because they believe it wastes their time. Some people cancel their Facebook accounts after realizing that they have been using them to procrastinate.

  • 2 They can connect with their friends without it

    Some people don't use Facebook because they believe that they can efficiently stay in contact with the people who matter without joining the social network.

  • 3 Teens think it's for grown ups

    Many teens consider Facebook the social network for Grownups, as their parents and other relatives might already be on the network.  

  • 4 Privacy concerns

    Some people don't use Facebook because they are concerned about their online privacy. Those people want to protect their information and aren't sure how Facebook will use it.

  • 5 Irrelevant posts

    Some people don't like the fact that they see many irrelevant posts on Facebook about people they don't know that well.

  • 6 Because of false impressions

    Some people said that Facebook gives them a false impression about others, as everyone tries to display an image that doesn't match his real identity. See why Instagram is fake.

  • 7 Because of negativity

    Some people stopped using Facebook as a result of the negativity they came across when they initially used it. Those people said that their lives became happier without Facebook.

  • 8 Wanting to keep their life private

    Some people want to keep their lives private and don't really care about sharing stuff with others.

  • 9 They use other tools

    Some people use other tools such as Snapchat or Whatsapp to connect with their friends and so they don't find a real need to use Facebook. See why people like Snapchat.

  • 10 Newsfeed has changed

    Some people liked Facebook initially then started disliking it as more people joined it. Those people believe that the newsfeed became uninteresting.

  • 11 To avoid jealousy

    Some people have reported that Facebook promotes jealousy of others. Some of those people decided to use Facebook less or even stop use it completely to avoid jealousy.