Why some people don't have breakfast

  • 1 They don't have time

    Some people claim they skip breakfast because they don't have time to spare in the morning before going to work or school.

  • 2 They don't feel hungry

    Some people simply don't have breakfast because they don't feel hungry in the morning. 

  • 3 They're on a diet

    Some people believe that not having breakfast in the morning can help them lose weight since they're on a diet. However, studies have shown that this is a common misconception of weight loss. 

  • 4 They work out in the morning

    Some people skip breakfast because they exercise in the morning and prefer to do it on an empty stomach so as not to get cramps or feel too heavy.

  • 5 They wake up late

    According to some people, waking up in the afternoon means they're closer to lunch than breakfast so they skip breakfast altogether. 

  • 6 They're fasting

    People who have certain religious beliefs may skip breakfast in the morning and abstain from eating during the day.

  • 7 They don't want to wake up early

    Some people dislike having to wake up earlier than usual to make breakfast so they skip the meal in the morning. 

  • 8 They're unable to stick to a routine

    Some people fail at following a certain routine every day. Since having breakfast every day is a routinic action, some people have trouble sticking to it. 

  • 9 They're under stress

    When people are under too much stress or suffering from anxiety, they may not be able to have breakfast in the morning. 

  • 10 They don't like breakfast food

    Some people may skip breakfast because they don't like traditional breakfast foods. 

  • 11 They don't understand its importance

    Some people such as teenagers or young adults may not understand the importance of having breakfast, which leads to skipping the meal. See Why is breakfast so important

  • 12 The family doesn't value breakfast

    In some cases, some people may not have breakfast, especially students, because their families may not value the meal and consider it unimportant.