Why some people don't iron their clothes

    Why some people don't iron their clothes

  • 1 The fabric doesn't need ironing

    Many of the fabrics used nowadays don't require to be ironed, which saves people the time and effort of ironing their clothes.

  • 2 They're afraid of burning their clothes

    Some people choose not to iron their clothes because they're afraid they might burn and ruin them. 

  • 3 They don't have time

    Some people don't have enough time in their routine to iron clothes so they skip it. 

  • 4 They don't care about the wrinkles

    Some people just don't care about the wrinkles in their clothes since the clothes they're wearing will eventually get wrinkled again once they sit down.

  • 5 They fold them right away

    Folding your clothes immediately after taking them out from the dryer prevents them from getting creased.

  • 6 They're too lazy

    Some people are simply too lazy to spend time ironing their clothes on a regular basis. 

  • 7 They don't have a clothing iron

    Some people don't own clothing iron since they don't see it as an important household equipment.