Why some people don't like being approached by sellers in the street?

    Why some people don't like being approached by sellers in the street?

  • 1 Their behavior has been described as 'human popups'

    Aggressive street sellers have been described by some as 'human popup windows'. This is due to their tendency to 'popup out' of the crowd trying to sell something.

  • 2 They block the customer's way

    Such sellers often stay in spots with highest traffic, often blocking everyone's passage. They often place a big street stand there, which also slows everybody down.

  • 3 They don't really know if the customer needs what they're selling

    Sellers go by the logic of approaching everybody and selling to only some. They don't really know who their target audience is so most of the time they're trying to sell things to people who don't need the product.

  • 4 Not really caring about the customer

    Because they approach everybody with a mission of selling something fast, like a phone provider contract, they give off an impression of not really caring about their customer. Trust is the most important factor when making a business deal.

  • 5 They don't want to give up

    Some sellers don't want to hear no as an answer so they continue to follow the person in order to persuade him/her to make a deal.

  • 6 Some make offbeat remarks

    After being rejected, some sellers make offbeat remarks which may seem unprofessional and childish.

  • 7 They are offering something the customer already has

    Even if the customer has what the seller is trying to sell, he will try to sell him another one.

  • 8 They fake a smile

    Such sellers smile to everybody and this makes them seem insincere. 

  • 9 They are too young

    Most of these sellers are very young people who just finished high-school. They give the impression of just doing this job to earn some pocket money and not of somebody who cares about the product or service. Credibility and trust are needed to make a business deal; most people just shrug them off.

  • 10 They forget and ask again

    Because they approach hundreds of people everyday, they can't exactly remember who they approached the day before. They often make the same offer to the same person a few days in the row.