Why some people don't like family gatherings

  • 1 They have social anxiety

    People with social anxiety might get nervous and uncomfortable in family gatherings, which is why they choose to stay away from them. 

  • 2 They don't like their relatives

    Some people may hate family gatherings because they don't like their relatives and cousins on a personal level. 

  • 3 Their relatives are nosy

    Relatives who are nosy and too curious about a person's life might make some people hate gatherings, as it gives them a chance to pry into their personal lives. 

  • 4 They're loud

    Some people find loud gatherings annoying and headache-inducing, which is why they don't like being in them. 

  • 5 They have better things to do

    Some people don't like family gatherings, as they have other better things they want to do in their free time. 

  • 6 They hate small talk

    People who hate small talk will dislike family gatherings, as they're based on small talk and short conversations. 

  • 7 They don't like the holidays

    Some people don't like holiday seasons, and consequently dislike family gatherings since they usually take place during the holidays. 

  • 8 They feel like they don't belong

    Some people may feel like they don't belong or fit in in family gatherings if their personalities don't match. 

  • 9 They're introverts

    Introverts usually like being alone and staying away from big gatherings, which is why they most likely dislike family gatherings.

  • 10 They are forced to go

    Since some people are forced to go to family gatherings by their parents, they start developing hatred towards the idea as a whole. 

  • 11 Due to ideological differences

    During family gatherings, people may start discussing points of views and political opinions, which might cause conflict due to different ideologies. 

  • 12 They'd rather stay at home

    Some people, usually introverts, would prefer to stay at home and enjoy the quietness and solitude than go to a family gathering that goes on for hours. 

  • 13 They are depressed

    When a person becomes depressed, they might revert back to their small circle. The person might only want to see their very close friends and nobody else.

  • 14 They feel disconnected

    If a person doesn't see their family members often then they might feel disconnected from them. This person might feel uncomfortable, misunderstood and uneasy around those family members.