Why some people don't like movies

    Why some people don't like movies

  • 1 They find them boring

    Some people find the act of sitting down and watching a movie in silence a boring activity. 

  • 2 They have short attention spans

    People with short attention spans will find it hard to concentrate while watching a movie, which could make them dislike them. 

  • 3 They don't like popular movies

    Some people find popular, commercial movies cheap and unappealing, which makes them dislike watching modern films. 

  • 4 Due to a religious background

    Some people who come from religious backgrounds may be against the movie industry due to their promoting certain values they're against.

  • 5 They don't like fiction

    Some people don't like watching something that they know isn't real, which is the case with movies. 

  • 6 They prefer books

    Some people prefer books over movies because books help stimulate their imagination and creativity more than movies. 

  • 7 They prefer other recreational activities

    Some people have other recreational activities that they would rather do in their free time than watch a movie such as playing sports. 

  • 8 They don't like the values they promote

    Some people are against the values modern movies promote such as violence, nudity and gore. 

  • 9 They think they're time-consuming

    Some people think sitting down and watching a movie that is an hour and a half long is time-consuming.

  • 10 They would rather do something productive

    Some people would rather do a more productive activity such as learning a new language than spend time watching movies. 

  • 11 They don't like movie theaters

    Some people don't like going to the movie theatre, as it makes them feel trapped, which could motivate their dislike of movies altogether.

  • 12 They grew out of it

    Some people started out their teenage years/adolescence watching a lot of movies but later grew out of it when they got older.