Why some people don't like sending friend requests

    Why some people don't like sending friend requests

  • 1 They don't want the person to know they're interested

    Some people don't like having people think they're interested in them just because they sent them a friend request, which is why they prefer not to.

  • 2 They don't want to draw attention to themselves

    Sending a friend request puts attention on the person who sent it, and some people don't like drawing attention to themselves.

  • 3 They're playing hard to get

    Some people purposely don't send friend requests to people they're interested in to play hard to get. 

  • 4 They don't care about adding friends

    Some people don't really care about adding people to their friend's list so they don't send friend requests.

  • 5 They don't use Facebook often

    Some people don't use Facebook except to check certain things, which means they're usually not interested in spending time adding people.

  • 6 They need to tweak their settings

    Some people don't like sharing everything on their profile with everyone, which means they have to adjust their privacy settings for every new person they add.

  • 7 They only add certain people

    Some people only add people when there's a certain purpose behind it, which might not happen frequently.

  • 8 They want to avoid certain people

    Some people try to avoid certain people on social networks, which naturally means their friend requests won't be sent to everyone.

  • 9 They're shy

    Shy people usually don't like sending friend requests since it makes them noticeable to the other person. 

  • 10 They're afraid it'll get ignored

    Some people don't like sending friend requests because they worry that the person they added won't accept their friend request.