Why some people don't put their real pictures on social networks

    Why some people don't put their real pictures on social networks

  • 1 They are paranoid

    Some people are too concerned about their online identity that they prefer to never put any of their real pictures online. These people can put pictures of celebrities, babies or other things.

  • 2 They think they are not attractive

    Some people don't like to put their pictures online because they believe they are not attractive enough. See why some people hate to appear in pictures.

  • 3 To make their profiles more attractive

    Some people use pictures of relatively unknown celebrities to make their profiles more attractive to the opposite sex. 

  • 4 Self-esteem issues

    A person who doesn't feel proud of who he is can be suffering from self-esteem issues. In such a case, the fact that the person doesn't think that their picture is sufficient can prevent them from putting them online.

  • 5 Religious reasons

    Some women might not want to share their pictures with men that they don't know for religious reasons. This is common among Muslim women in the middle east.

  • 6 They are afraid of abuse

    Some women prefer not to put their pictures online because they are afraid of online abuse. These women are usually concerned about someone photoshopping their pictures then blackmailing them.

  • 7 Cultural issues

    In some areas of the world, especially the middle east, it's common that males don't like their female partners to put attractive pictures online. In such a case, these males, usually dominant ones, order their women to remove their pictures.

  • 8 To attract attention

    Some people believe that by putting pictures of their celebrities as their profile pictures they can attract more attention than the attention they will get if they used their real pictures.

  • 9 They don't want to be tracked down

    Some people don't want people to know details about their private lives, including their real looks or the places they go to. These people sometimes put fake pictures instead of their real ones. See why do people care about online privacy.

  • 10 To become their ideal self

    Some people create fake identities because they want to run away from who they are and move towards who they want to be.