Why some people download pirated video games

    Why some people download pirated video games

  • 1 To get it for free

    Some People like to download a pirated video game in order to get it without paying money. The fact that a pirated video game comes free of charge motivates some people to get them illegally.

  • 2 Weak law enforcement

    In some countries the copyright laws aren't properly reinforced, and as a result many people feel that it's okay to get a pirated game without actually realizing that they are committing a crime.

  • 3 They are young kids

    Some kids find that downloading pirated games is the best way to get the games they really want. Those kids find this easier than asking their parents to buy the games for them as this sometimes doesn't work. See what makes games addictive.

  • 4 They believe they won't get caught

    Some people think that they won't get caught downloading a pirated game. Some others simply don't care about the copyrights laws.

  • 5 The satisfaction and the thrill

    Many people get pirated games because the process of being able to get something for free instead of paying money for it lets them feel that they are extraordinarily smart. See why hackers hack.

  • 6 Easy to get

    The fact that getting access to pirated games can sometimes be easier than the actual process of buying the game motivates some people to get pirated games. See why simplicity leads to popularity.

  • 7 They don't like DRM restrictions

    Many people hate DRM systems because of the many restrictions they impose on video games. Things such as online authentication, limited installations and online activation can make using the product harder.

  • 8 Revenge

    Some people feel disappointed and angry at some game developers for many reasons such as making the game expensive, not properly fixing game bugs and other issues. Those people might get the pirated version in order to get revenge.

  • 9 They cannot get them legally

    Some games are distributed in certain countries, and as a result some people find themselves unable to get the game even if they are willing to pay for it. This could lead to online piracy.

  • 10 It doesn't violate their values

    Some people believe that pirating a game is a very wrong thing while others don't think it's a bad thing. The less such an action violates a person's values, the more likely he is to engage in it.

  • 11 Rebellious nature

    Some people have a rebellious nature. Those people hate to be forced to do something, and as a result they might rebel by breaking the rules.

  • 12 Self-justification

    Many people have double standards. They tend to always find a reason to justify their behavior even if it is wrong. When a person justifies his own behavior he feels less guilty about it.

  • 13 They don't have money

    Many games are expensive, especially the famous ones. Some people don't have the luxury to spend their money on buying video games, as they have to spend their money on important things such as food, education or taxes.