Why some people fear driving

    Why some people fear driving

  • 1 Bad past experience

    If a person went through a bad past experience related to driving, they might develop a phobia of driving. In such a case, the fear of the past repeating itself is the main reason behind the fear.

  • 2 A close person went through a traumatic experience

    A person can develop a phobia of driving if a traumatic experience happened to a close person because of driving even if that person wasn't involved. We can learn to become phobic of something if we were conditioned by others.

  • 3 Fear of taking responsibility

    The fear of driving could be another form of the fear of taking responsibility. On the unconscious level, sitting behind the wheel is considered one form of responsibility. If a person is too afraid of responsibility, they might fear driving as well.

  • 4 The person has an anxiety disorder

    If a person has an anxiety disorder that forces them to worry about everything, any activity that is considered slightly risky such as driving might be avoided.

  • 5 Fear of getting a panic attack while driving

    People who have a history of panic attacks might become afraid of driving because they fear getting a panic attack while they are behind the wheel.

  • 6 Witnessing a bad accident

    While a person can witness a bad accident and still not fear driving, some people can develop vehophobia, or driving phobia, after witnessing a bad accident (See what are Mirror Neurons).

  • 7 Learning the anxiety response from parents

    Children usually learn how to respond to the different life events by watching their parents. If the parents were always anxious while driving, their child will start to believe that driving is a dangerous activity.

  • 8 Fear of closed places (claustrophobia)

    A person who has claustrophobia, or the fear of closed places, might have problems driving as well. The fact that sometimes a person can't escape because of being stuck inside the car in a traffic jam can trigger claustrophobia.

  • 9 Learning through media

    A person can develop a phobia by just watching a movie, seeing a documentary or hearing a story of a person who had a bad accident. Not every person has the same tendency, but there are so many cases where phobias were developed that way.

  • 10 Driving through rough conditions

    Some people develop fear of driving after driving through very rough conditions such as storms or fog. While not all people who drive through tough conditions develop a phobia, some of them usually do.

  • 11 Stress can lead to anxiety which in turn leads to a phobia

    Any kind of stress can lead to anxiety. Driving is a stressful activity, and because of that some people develop anxiety while driving. If any trigger happens, this anxiety could turn into a phobia.

  • 12 Fear of the unknown

    Some people might fear driving because they are afraid to end up in an area that they don't know well or that they are not familiar with. Fear of the unknown could be one of the causes for fear of driving.