Why some people get high

  • 1 They think it's fun

    Most people who get high do it because they think of it as a fun activity to pass the time. 

  • 2 To fit in

    Some people do drugs and get high when they want to fit in in a specific social circle that does so. 

  • 3 Peer pressure

    Peer pressure can be one of the most effective elements that motivates some people to get high whether on drugs or weed. 

  • 4 They're depressed

    Some people are unable to fight depression using conventional means so they get high to relieve some of their emotional distress. 

  • 5 They're stressed

    Some people get high when they're going through a stressful phase and need to unwind. 

  • 6 They need a distraction

    Getting high can be a distraction from daily life for some people, which is why many people are motivated to do it. 

  • 7 They do it occasionally

    Some people only get high occasionally such as at a party or in a special social gathering. 

  • 8 They think it's cool

    Some people, especially young adults and teenagers, think getting high is a cool thing to do and that it makes them seem cool as well.

  • 9 They're experimenting

    Some people go through a phase of experimenting when they just want to try everything out of curiosity, which may include getting high.

  • 10 They're rebelling

    Some teenagers choose to do drugs and get high when they're going through a rebellious phase whether it's against their parents or society.

  • 11 It's relaxing

    Some people find getting high relaxing and soothing. 

  • 12 It's a coping mechanism

    Some people seek getting high as a coping mechanism against any rough times they may be facing in their lives.