Why some people give unwanted advice

  • 1 They think they are smart

    People who give advice without being asked think they're quite smart and that their advice is very valuable to the recipient.

  • 2 They like to be needed

    Some people enjoy the feeling of being needed by someone else, which is why they may give unwanted advice since they think their opinion is needed.

  • 3 They enjoy passing judgement

    Some people enjoy passing judgement on other people in the form of giving advice without being asked. See Why some people don't like getting advice

  • 4 To exhibit power

    Some people like being in a position of power even if the situation doesn't revolve around them. In this case, offering unsolicited advice makes them feel like they're in control.

  • 5 They think they're experienced

    People who think they're well-experienced in life might give unsolicited advice to benefit other people from this experience.

  • 6 They're nosy

    Nosy people usually involve themselves in situations that don't concern them. Some of them give unwanted advice because they want to be included in any way.

  • 7 They need reassurance

    People who give unsolicited advice might be doing so to reassure their ego and prove to themselves that they're superior to others. 

  • 8 To be validated

    Giving unwanted advice is one way of being validated by the recipient if they take the advice and work with it. This proves to the advice-giver that their opinion is important and valued. 

  • 9 They have an underlying insecurity

    People who weren't valued or listened to by their parents might have a habit of giving unwanted advice in order to satisfy this hidden insecurity.

  • 10 They're in a higher position

    People who are in a higher position whether socially or professionally might give unwanted advice because they believe their position permits them to do so.