Why some people hate Daniel Cormier

  • 1 They like Jon Jones

    A lot of people dislike Daniel Cormier because they prefer Jon Jones as a fighter.

  • 2 Because he's Jon Jones' rival

    A lot of people began to hate Daniel Cormier because of his rivalry with Jon Jones. 

  • 3 Because of ugly moments

    There are a lot of ugly moments with Jon Jones that Daniel Cormier lived. The two had a lot of moments that made fans hate them.

  • 4 They prefer Gustafsson

    Alexander Gustafsson is another rival to Jones and Cormier who came very close to defeating them. However, a lot of hatred appeared when Jones fought Cormier instead of Gustafsson whom people saw more fit for the fight.

  • 5 He's a wrestler

    Daniel Cormier is a wrestler, which doesn't make his style very explosive. People prefer strikers with explosive power.

  • 6 He never beat Jones

    Despite all of the trash-talk, Cormier has never defeated Jon Jones, which makes his talk cheap despite all of his other accomplishments in the octagon.

  • 7 He replaced Jon Jones

    Jon Jones was supposed to fight Anthony Johnson when he was pulled out due to his issues outside the Octagon. Cormier replaced him and defeated the fan-favorite Anthony Johnson.

  • 8 He barely defeated Gustafsson

    When Cormier faced Alexander Gustafsson, he had a tough night despite coming out with a decision win. Gustafsson was the fan favorite that night.

  • 9 He defeated Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva has for long been a fan-favorite. Defeating him made the fans hate DC even more, especially that he spent the fight wrestling him down.

  • 10 Because Jones never lost his title

    Jon 'Bones' Jones never lost his title in a fight, which makes people think that Cormier is just keeping the belt warm for him.

  • 11 He embraces the heel role

    When Cormier gets booed by the fans, he tells them to keep booing him. He is sarcastic, which makes a lot of people mad.

  • 12 Daniel Cormier is old

    One of the reasons why Daniel Cormier is disliked by fans is because he's old and acts his age (38 years old), which doesn't make him appeal to the younger fans.