Why some people hate winter

    Why some people hate winter

  • 1 They are very outgoing

    Outgoing people might not be happy with the winter since it might force them to stay inside their homes on some days. Some extroverts, for example, might not like the fact that winter can prevent them from going to the beach or even hanging out.

  • 2 Associated with studies

    Most students associate winter with school and studying time. In such a case, some of those students might hate winter just because it's an indication that a new school year is about to start.

  • 3 They dislike cold weather

    People who dislike cold weather or who have low tolerance for weather changes might hate winter just because of the bad weather that comes with it. See why some people hate summer.

  • 4 They find it depressing

    Because sunlight affects the mood in a positive way, some people feel worse in winter and even suffer from depression. In such a case, those people hate the winter because of winter blues.

  • 5 Waking up is harder

    Some people hate winter because of the difficulty of getting up in the morning. The fact that the cold weather makes people less active makes the experience of waking up during the winter very unpleasant to some people. See why some people prefer winter over summer.

  • 6 Aches and pains

    Aches and pains usually increase in the winter as the weather gets colder and the body becomes stiff. People with chronic injuries might dislike winter for that reason. See why my body gets cold easily.

  • 7 Shorter day

    In many areas around the world, the day becomes shorter in winter. This can make winter seem dark and depressing to some people.

  • 8 Easier to get a flu

    People catch colds easier in winter. Some people hate winter because of the fact that they sometimes get sick because of the weather. See what happens to the body in cold weather.

  • 9 General laziness

    Some people dislike cold weather because it makes them more lazy and less energetic. Outgoing people might hate winter for that reason.

  • 10 Traffic problems

    Heavy rain, the fall of ice or bad weather conditions can sometimes result in traffic problems as some roads might get blocked.