Why some people hate flying

    Why some people hate flying

  • 1 They go on long flights

    Long flights that range from 8 to 12 hours or more get boring and tiring, which makes some people hate the idea of flying from one place to another. 

  • 2 They can catch diseases

    Airplanes are full of people, some of which might be ill and contagious to the rest of the passengers, which some people, especially germophobes, dislike about flying. 

  • 3 It dries out the skin and hair

    The airplane's atmosphere dries out skin and hair, which many people find irritating. 

  • 4 They don't like pressurized air

    Some people find the pressurized air on airplanes uncomfortable and dry. 

  • 5 They have a fear of crashing

    Some people have a fear of crashing while on the plane, which makes them dislike flying altogether. See Why some people have a fear of flying

  • 6 They don't like the food

    Some people don't like frozen airplane food and find it tasteless, which doesn't make for a pleasant trip.

  • 7 They experience blocked ears

    Some people experience blocked ears during and sometimes after the flight, which makes the whole trip uncomfortable for them. 

  • 8 They worry about who's sitting next to them

    Some people worry about sitting next to a person who doesn't stop talking or someone who's overweight, for example, which might ruin the trip for them.

  • 9 They get air sick

    Some people experience air sickness when on a plane, which makes them hate flying. 

  • 10 They hate crying babies

    Almost everyone has a problem with crying babies on a plane, and dread getting on a plane that has babies on it. 

  • 11 Not enough leg room

    Tall people suffer from the fact that there isn't enough leg room in economy class, and that they would have to pay more if they want extra space. 

  • 12 They can't sleep on a plane

    Some people find it hard and sometimes impossible to sleep on a plane, which makes their flight unpleasant.