Why some people hate the police

  • 1 They work for the government

    A lot of people believe that the police works for governments and politicians rather than the people they swore to serve.

  • 2 They don't work for people

    Policemen vow to serve justice and the people; however, there are a lot of times when they don't work for the people.

  • 3 Some policemen are rude

    Policemen act in a very rude way because of their professionalism. This makes people think that they are intentionally being rude.

  • 4 They don't treat people fairly

    A lot of policemen do not treat people fairly. They treat all people like criminals.

  • 5 They are stupid

    Policemen act very stupid and stubborn at times. They act as if every case is a crime. 

  • 6 Some of them are corrupt

    A lot of policemen are corrupt; stealing and committing the crimes that they swore to fight.

  • 7 They act superior

    Policemen in a lot of countries act like they are superior to other people. They treat people like they are lesser beings.

  • 8 They hate black people

    Most notably in the USA, there are a lot of incidents that show that policemen hate black people.

  • 9 They give and follow orders

    Policemen are supposed to do two things: give and follow orders. That takes away their human side except for individual incidents. People think they act like robots because of that.

  • 10 Interrogations can turn violent

    In most of the third world countries, interrogations can take a violent turn where the interrogated person gets abused and harassed.

  • 11 They take bribes

    Most of the developed world suffers from bribing incidents, which turn the police force into villains rather than people protectors.

  • 12 They don't acknowledge mistakes

    Policemen rarely acknowledge mistakes on their behalf. They try to always seem right.

  • 13 Sometimes they are late

    Many people file in reports that the police arrived too late to a crime scene. 

  • 14 They act mean

    Policemen in general have a mean demeanor to keep their pretentious persona, which is a part of their training.

  • 15 They yell a lot

    Policemen, especially in developing countries, are very vocal and loud when speaking to other lower ranking officers or to people in general.

  • 16 They use abusive language

    Policemen, especially in developing countries, use abusive language that scares people away from them.