Why some people have reddish skin

    Why some people have reddish skin

  • 1 A sign of health

    A reddish-white skin could be a sign of health. A person with reddish skin might be more physically fit than a person with pale skin.

  • 2 Higher sex hormones

    A person with red skin might have more blood vessels below their skin. This could mean that they have higher sex hormones.

  • 3 Increased blood flow in their skin

    The redness in the skin can be a sign of increased blood flow to the skin. This can happen due to many reasons, including exercise or blushing.

  • 4 They have more oxygen in their skin

    Higher oxygen levels in the skin can contribute to the reddish color of the skin. Higher oxygen levels are considered a sign of health.

  • 5 They have fair skin

    When a person's skin is fair, it becomes much easier for others to notice the flow of blood below their skin, and as a result, the red color of the skin becomes more noticeable.

  • 6 They suffer from rosacea

    Rosacea is a skin condition where blood vessels below the skin get enlarged, and as a result, the skin appears reddish.

  • 7 Sun damage

    Years of exposure to sunlight can alter the shape of the blood vessels below the skin and thus can result in a Reddish looking skin.

  • 8 Alcohol consumption leads to redness

    Alcohol alters the brain's ability to regulate vascular control. This can let more blood rush to the blood vessels under the face thus resulting in a Reddish color. See what Alcohol does to your brain.

  • 9 High levels of stress

    High levels of stress can contribute to the Redness of the skin. If a person suffers from prolonged stress then their skin might become reddish. See the causes of stress.

  • 10 Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)

    Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) is a disease that causes redness and a rash that centers around the nose and spreads into the cheeks.

  • 11 Heart conditions

    Some heart conditions can make the face red since they reflect the heart's irregular flow of blood.

  • 12 Diabetes

    Diabetes might result in making a person's face become more reddish.

  • 13 An overactive thyroid

    An overactive thyroid might make the face seem more Reddish. 

  • 14 Parkinson's disease

    A medical condition called Parkinson's disease can also make the person's face seem more reddish.