Why some people have multiple Facebook accounts

  • 1 They don't want certain people to find them

    People who don't want certain people to find them on Facebook might create an account just to hide their other one from them.

  • 2 They don't want their family to find them

    Some people dislike having their family members on Facebook. As a result, they might create another Facebook account just for their family. 

  • 3 For work purposes

    Some people are forced to interact with strangers on Facebook for work purposes. Instead of doing this with their personal account, they might create a special account for it. 

  • 4 To hide their life from certain people

    There are people who like to keep their lives private and away from the the public eye. These people might create a new account to prevent others from knowing about their lives.  

  • 5 They are fake accounts

    Some accounts on Facebook are fake and might even be impersonating other people. See Why do some people create fake social network profiles

  • 6 They are famous

    Famous people usually have a private and a public account to separate their personal and public lives. 

  • 7 To start from scratch

    People whose accounts have a lot of followers and friends might want to create a new account to control whom they add on their friends' list.  

  • 8 To manage pages

    People who run businesses on the side or who have several Facebook pages might create a new Facebook account just to manage their pages. 

  • 9 They forgot about them

    Some people may have created Facebook accounts in the past and then created new ones and forgot to deactivate the old ones. 

  • 10 To separate work from private life

    Some people may be motivated to create a new account if they know their boss, for example, will want to add them on Facebook and they don't want him to see their private life.