Why some people keep asking for money

    Why some people keep asking for money

  • 1 They have bad spending habits

    People who have bad spending habits can end up having no money. Those people might then find themselves unable to pay their bills and so they get motivated to ask for money.

  • 2 They are co-dependent

    Co-dependent people usually fail to function alone, as they always try to depend on others to satisfy their needs. A co-dependent person is more likely to borrow money than other people.

  • 3 They have self-regulation problems

    According to psychologists, people who have self-control and self-regulation problems might fail to control their impulses and might squander their money. Those people can then get stuck and ask for money from others.

  • 4 They are addicts

    When a person develops an addiction problem they might be forced to spend all of their money on drugs. In such a case, the person might be forced to ask for money to get a quick relief.

  • 5 They think you are rich

    If a person thinks you are rich then they are probably going to turn to you when they need money.

  • 6 Because you gave them money

    When you give someone money they learn to come back to you when they need more of it. This is a normal conditioned response that humans develop when they get some kind of a reward.

  • 7 They prefer the easy path

    Some people prefer to take the easy path than the long and tiring path. If a person is too lazy to work then they might prefer to ask for money instead of working.

  • 8 They have a gambling problem

    When a person develops a gambling habit they might end up with big debts that they can't pay. A gambling problem can motivate a person to ask for money from friends, relatives and even strangers. See why do people gamble.

  • 9 They are irresponsible

    Irresponsible people are more likely to get financially stuck than responsible people. If a person is irresponsible with money then they might get financially stuck all of a sudden.

  • 10 They are very poor

    If a person is very poor and doesn't have a source of income then they will probably ask for money. In such a case, it will be evident whether this person is really in need of money or not.