Why some people like pain

    Why some people like pain

  • 1 They are sadists

    Sadists are people who enjoy inflicting pain on others whether it's consensual or not. 

  • 2 They are masochists

    Masochists are people who enjoy experiencing pain in their bodies whether it's physical or mental pain. 

  • 3 They think it makes them strong

    Some people think that enduring pain makes them stronger and increases their tolerance. 

  • 4 They enjoy pain in sexual activities

    Some people are into BDSM, which involves inflicting and receiving pain during intercourse. 

  • 5 It's an emotional release for some

    Some people see pain as an emotional release that gets out all the negative energy from their bodies. 

  • 6 They are risk takers

    Risk takers enjoy pain because it means they're doing something unusual, which excites them. 

  • 7 To feel connected to their bodies

    Some people think of pain as a way of connecting with your body and feeling everything that is happening inside it. 

  • 8 Influenced by popular novels

    Some bestselling novels revolve around BDSM and masochism such as Fifty Shades of Grey, which might influence some people to try it out. 

  • 9 They enjoy intense exercises

    People who enjoy intense exercises have a high threshold for pain, and oftentimes like the pain they feel while working out as it means they're growing stronger.

  • 10 It makes them aware

    Some people think that pain makes them more aware of their bodies and the amount of pain they can endure. 

  • 11 They are depressed

    People who are depressed might sometimes harm themselves as a way of releasing some of the negative emotions they have inside.

  • 12 To test their patience

    Some people enjoy being in pain to test their patience and see how long they can tolerate the pain.