Why some people like sleeping on the floor

  • 1 It feels more natural to them

    Humans have been sleeping on the floor since the beginning of time, and some people find that it feels more natural than sleeping on a bed and mattress. 

  • 2 It's good for the body

    Sleeping on a flat and firm surface allows the spine to return to its natural posture.

  • 3 It stretches the muscles

    Sleeping on the floor stretches the muscles that were tightened as a result of sleeping on a mattress. 

  • 4 Beds are expensive

    Some people who recently bought a new house, for example, may be unable to afford a bed and choose to sleep on the floor for a period of time.

  • 5 They got used to it

    People who go camping regularly and enjoy spending time in the outdoors might get accustomed to sleeping on the floor and do it when they go back to their homes. 

  • 6 They live a carefree life

    Some people who live carefree lives aren't bothered by not having a bed, and enjoy living a simple life and sleeping on the floor.

  • 7 They enjoy living a primitive life

    Some people prefer not to spend money on things they can live without such as a bed, which makes them resort to living on the floor like their ancestors used to do.

  • 8 To cool their bodies down

    Some people like sleeping on the floor if the weather is hot and the floor cools them down.