Why some people like watching foreign films

    Why some people like watching foreign films

  • 1 They are learning a new language

    Oftentimes when a person is learning a new language, they will watch movies in the language they're learning. 

  • 2 They like the language

    Some people like watching films in foreign languages that they like. In this case, they may just like the way the language sounds. 

  • 3 They don't like traditional films

    In most cases, people who are into foreign films dislike traditional movies like Hollywood productions and blockbuster films. 

  • 4 They like to stand out

    Some people like doing things that make them stand out. Watching foreign movies could be one of those things. 

  • 5 They are interested in a specific genre

    When a person is interested in a specific genre, they might watch all the movies related to it even if they are in another language. 

  • 6 They are up and coming filmmakers

    Filmmakers in the making usually like to watch foreign films, as their quality is high and can help them learn more about filmmaking. 

  • 7 They like the storylines

    Foreign films almost always have interesting and creative storylines, which attracts many fans. 

  • 8 They like the culture

    Some people enjoy watching foreign films to get to know about certain cultures. 

  • 9 They want to see new actors

    Some people enjoy watching foreign films because they don't feature famous actors that are found in most movies. 

  • 10 They are movie buffs

    Movie buffs are usually interested in watching all kinds of movies even if they are in a language other than their mother tongue. 

  • 11 It gives them more options

    Since there are many languages in the world, a film buff will never run out of choices when deciding what movie to watch. 

  • 12 They have more depth

    Most foreign movies are known for their depth in dealing with philosophical and psychological matters, which some people like and look for in films.