Why some people never put down their phones

  • 1 They're attached to it like a teddy bear

    According to a recent study, people are becoming attached to their phones like kids are attached to their teddy bears. 

  • 2 They like being socially connected

    Many people like to be connected on social media all the time in order not to miss any important events or news. 

  • 3 They're constantly chatting with people

    Some people are always chatting with friends on social media, which makes it hard for them to leave their phone for even a short while. 

  • 4 They're bored

    When people are bored, some of them pick up their smartphones and keep themselves busy with it.  

  • 5 They're addicted to technology

    People who are addicted to technology and electronic devices are unable to put down their phones and spend most of their time on it. 

  • 6 They're addicted to social media

    People who are addicted to social media will find it hard to not constantly check their social media accounts for the latest updates. 

  • 7 They're constantly posting updates

    People who put their lives all over the internet will always be on their phones to keep the updates coming. 

  • 8 It's a distraction

    Some people find that using their smartphones is a good distraction for the things they may be doing such as waiting in a doctor's office. 

  • 9 They're lonely

    People who are lonely might seek comfort in their smartphones, as it can keep them busy and connect them with friends or strangers. 

  • 10 Seeking validation from others

    People who are constantly seeking validation from others will always be on their phones waiting to receive a like or positive comment on their social media accounts. 

  • 11 They don't know how to enjoy their own company

    People who are incapable of enjoying their company and spending alone time will use their phones to keep themselves busy. 

  • 12 They are addicted to notifications

    According to psychologists, notifications can create some kind of an addiction because of the release of the chemical called dopamine in the brain. The chemical dopamine can motivate people to anticipate rewards and it's thus considered highly addictive.