Why some people never smile

    Why some people never smile

  • 1 Higher testosterone

    According to research higher testosterone makes a person less likely to smile. This is one reason why women smile more than men. See how can a man tell if they have high testosterone.

  • 2 They are powerful

    According to studies smiling can be used as a signal of submission in some situations. Those who don't smile might not belong to the submissive type.

  • 3 They are less sensitive

    According to a study, emotional sensitivity was linked to smiling and laughing more often. People who hardly smile might not be the sensitive type. See also why are some people very sensitive.

  • 4 They are not agreeable

    People who don't smile often might be less agreeable than those who smile often. Smiling is often used as a method for communication and those who don't smile often might not be willing to communicate with others. See why Eminem never smiles.

  • 5 They are trying to act tough

    Some people try not to smile in order to act tough or to seem stronger. Those people might have learned during their upbringing that smiling makes a person weaker.

  • 6 They are unhappy

    People who are not happy with their lives or those who are emotionally burdened might find it very hard to smile or to laugh. See why do humans laugh.

  • 7 It's a defense mechanism

    People who were emotionally hurt in the past or even bullied might choose not to smile in order to protect themselves from further damage. In such a case, not smiling is considered a defense mechanism.

  • 8 They don't look good when they smile

    Some people don't smile often because they think they look bad when they smile. Believing they have bad teeth is one example that could make a person smile less.

  • 9 They want to be taken seriously

    Some people might chopse not to smile in order to be taken more seriously. Those people might believe that smiling might not make them seem serious. See why we laugh inside elevators.