Why some people smile more

    Why some people smile more

  • 1 It's in their genes

    According to a study, people who smile more have certain genes. Those people might laugh much easier when they hear a joke.

  • 2 Their culture plays a role

    A person's culture plays a role in their reactions to funny things. If the culture of a person promotes laughter then the person might laugh whenever a joke is told. See why Eminem never smiles.

  • 3 They have amplified emotional reactions

    People who laugh a lot have two copies of the short allele gene, a gene that is responsible for that behavior, in addition to other emotional responses. People who have have two copies of that gene have higher highs and higher lows.

  • 4 They are more sensitive to emotions

    Research has found that people who have two copies of the short allele gene are more sensitive to emotions. It was also found that those people have larger brain volumes in the thalamus area, which is responsible for the generation of emotions.

  • 5 They might have lower testosterone

    According to a study, the intensity of smiling is linked to testosterone. Smiling often was linked to lower levels of testosterone. See how can a man tell if they have high testosterone

  • 6 They are more agreeable

    Smiling often can be an indication that a person is more agreeable. Smiling is sometimes used as a method of communication and so a person who smiles more often is more willing to communicate with others. See why do humans laugh.

  • 7 They are less dominant

    According to studies, smiling in some situations might be a sign of submission. Dominant people are less likely to smile in situations where there is perceived competition.