Why some people think Apple is better than Samsung

  • 1 Samsung copied Apple

    Apple was the first company to come up with the smart phone that became the new standard. As Samsung copied Apple's design some people believed that Samsung phones were of much lower quality.

  • 2 Apple puts serious weight on quality

    The culture Steve jobs has created in Apple puts a very high weight on quality. Many people believe that the quality of an Apple product is superior to that of Samsung (See Why Apple has very high quality standards).

  • 3 Apple's products are more expensive

    Psychologists say that most people consider more expensive products to be of a higher quality. Because Apple's products are more expensive than Samsung's some people believe Apple's products are much better.

  • 4 Apple always inovates

    In most cases Apple comes up first with a new innovation before Samsung copies it. The fact that Apple is always innovative makes it seem like a better company to many people.

  • 5 Apple has a larger market cap

    In 2015 The market capitalization of Apple was almost $700 Billion where as that of Samsung was almost $200 Billion. Some people believe that Apple is better because it's bigger in terms of market cap.

  • 6 Apple starts revolutions while Samsung follows

    Apple doesn't just create innovative products but it usually starts revolutions by changing whole industries where as Samsung always follows (See also the greatest achievements of Steve jobs).

  • 7 Apples brand image is better

    Apple's brand image implies that it's an expensive high quality product where as Samsung positions itself as a company that provides smart phones to the masses (See the importance of branding).

  • 8 Some Apple users look down on Samsung's users

    Some Apple users look down on Samsung's users and claim that they have look income and intelligence. This has given Samsung a bad brand image (see also why some Android users hate iPhone users).

  • 9 Samsung has some very cheap phones and devices

    The fact that Samsung targets almost everyone with some very cheap phone models has made Apple's brand image much stronger especially from a quality point of view.

  • 10 Apple's products are simpler

    Because they are less customizable Apple's products are considered much simpler to use by many people. Because most people prefer simpler products Apple's products are believed to be better by some people.