Why some people think Instagram filters are bad

  • 1 They are deceiving

    Instagram filters make people look more attractive and hide many of their flaws, See why Instagram is popular.

  • 2 They Kill creativity of photographers

    Instagram filters can instantly make a photo look different. Some photographers argue that this kills the creativity of a photographer.

  • 3 Photographers see them as a threat

    Some photographers think that Instagram filters are a threat as they allow any average person to produce an image fast and give it the effect he wants.

  • 4 Some people think they promote racism

    Some people argue that Instagram filters ,that make the skin lighter, promote racism.

  • 5 They lead to jealousy

    Some people argue that Instagram filters can lead to false jealousy as they make everyone appear more beautiful than they truly are, See why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 6 some people argue they ruin self esteem

    Some people claim that Instagram filters ruin self esteem as they prevent people from appreciating their real looks, See also why Celebrities use Instagram.