Why some people think Pokemon are evil

    Why some people think Pokemon are evil

  • 1 Some churches said they are satanic

    In 1999, some churches in the US and the UK said that Pokemon was satanic and demonic.

  • 2 Believing they can possess children

    Some Christian scholars said that the psychic and ghost type Pokémon can actually posses children who play with them.

  • 3 Connection to magic

    Some people think that Pokemon are connected to magic and that they are small daemons that can do harmful things. 

  • 4 Gateway to the occult

    Some people think that Pokemon are gateway to occult for small children who won't be able to tell the difference between fantasy and real occult.

  • 5 It supports evolution

    Some people think that Pokemon is connected to the devil because it supports the theory of evolution and denies creation.

  • 6 Accepting magic

    Some Christians suggest that Pokemon are evil because they allow children to accept magic and consider it a normal practice.

  • 7 Pokemon were accused of anti-Semitism

    Pokemon were accused of anti-Semitism and a part of a Jew conspiracy by some Jews.

  • 8 Theme song mentions Satan

    Some Christians believed that the Pokemon theme song makes a reference to Satan when played backwards.