Why some people think VR will fail

    Why some people think VR will fail

  • 1 The headsets are big

    Some people believe VR won't succeed because the headsets are still big and uncomfortable. Those people argue that if the headsets become like simple glasses then they might be successful.

  • 2 A large space is needed

    Many people move around while playing VR games. This fact creates a need for a large open space which most people might not have.

  • 3 Low sales of headsets

    Some people believe that the VR headsets will have low sales and so there won't be enough number of people for developers to support them with software and games.

  • 4 Makes people sick

    Many people point the fact that VR headsets can make many people sick. Those people believe that unless a serious solution is found then VR will fail.

  • 5 Headsets are expensive

    Some VR headsets are as expensive as $800. Some people see this as a strong barrier to success and believe that few people will buy them. See how VR feels like.

  • 6 It's tough to create VR movies

    According to an article on Scientificamerican, it's very hard to shoot a VR movie. In addition to that, the viewers will hardly be able to wear the headset for two hours. The article concluded that VR movies won't replace traditional movies.

  • 7 Not enough VR content

    Many people argue that there is not enough content for VR and that it's very unlikely that enough content will be available anytime soon.

  • 8 People don't want VR

    Some people argue that the average person wants to watch TV normally, play a game normally or watch a movie normally without going through the hassle needed to see things in virtual reality.

  • 9 It can't replace the brain

    Some people argue that real VR exists in the brain's imagination, and that no matter how good a headset is, it will still not be able to replicate the brain's power. See how VR headsets work.

  • 10 3D televisions didn't gain traction

    Some people argue that VR will fail because many people already didn't embrace 3D Televisions. Those people believe that a lot of hassle is needed just to watch an ordinary show in 3D or VR. 

  • 11 The experience is over hyped

    Some people argue that the VR experience is over hyped and that the graphics and resolution still have a long way to go.