Why some people think the Apple Watch will fail

    Why some people think the Apple Watch will fail

  • 1 It doesn't have a must have feature

    While the Apple watch was greatly designed, some people believe that it will fail simply because it has no must have features that can motivate people to buy it.

  • 2 It needs an iPhone

    The Apple watch's features are only fully functional if a person has an Iphone. Some people believe that this is a big mistake that Apple made because it won't allow new people to buy the watch unless they are already Apple customers.

  • 3 It's very pricey

    Some people have criticized the Apple watch for its very expensive price that goes up to $10,000 (See why Apple watch is so expensive).

  • 4 People prefer mechanical watches

    Apple watch competes directly with fashionable mechanical watches. Many people argue that people still prefer mechanical watches, and that provided the budget is the same, a person would not prefer to get an expensive Apple watch (See why men love watches).

  • 5 They are worried about its life span

    While expensive mechanical watches last for years, many people have doubts about the Apple watch's life span, believing that it can be replaced by a better version very soon.

  • 6 People got used to big screens

    Some people claim that the Apple watch will fail because of its small screen. As people are shifting to bigger smartphone screens, it might be annoying for someone to check a much smaller screen.

  • 7 People can do everything with their phone

    Some people assume that the watch will fail because people already have everything they need on their phones. The fact that any app can be installed on a phone might make the Apple watch seem useless (See why some people think Apple watch will make it).

  • 8 The screen doesn't look good when it's turned off

    Some people say that a part of the beauty of a watch lies in its looks and the way it operates. Because the Apple watch is dimmed most of the time, unless the owner looks at it, it might not look that good on the wrist.

  • 9 People aren't used to charging their watches

    Some people argue that the process of charging a watch is very annoying. Those people say that consumers aren't used to charging their watches every day, and that a watch is supposed to be running on its own.

  • 10 Apple is competing with serious watch brands

    After positioning its watch as a fashion item, Apple is now competing with serious fashion brands that have been in the watch industry for years. Some people argue that a person would prefer to buy one of those fashionable brands instead of getting the Apple watch.

  • 11 Some of the big apps are reluctant to release a watch version

    Out of fear of hurting user's experience, some big app makers are reluctant to produce an Apple watch version of their app.

  • 12 Short battery life

    Some people cited the short battery life as a possible reason for the failure of the watch. Some people say that the watch needs to be charged every day and this can be very frustrating for a person who got used to never charging a watch.

  • 13 Sales aren't as good as expected

    Some analysts said that the Apple watch sales are not going as well as it was expected. Some analysts said that while the release of the watch sparked a lot of media interest, its sales failed to impress.