Why some people wake up late

  • 1 They have trouble sleeping at night

    People who have irregular sleep patterns might find it hard to sleep at night and end up sleeping late and waking up late. 

  • 2 They stay up late

    People who stay up late for whatever reasons will most probably wake up late to make sure their body got enough sleep.

  • 3 Due to their working hours

    Some people have night shifts that requires them to work all night, which means they can only sleep in the morning. 

  • 4 They are more productive at night

    Some people are more productive at night and are able to focus better, which makes them sleep late and wake up late as a consequence.

  • 5 They don't like the sun

    Some people don't like going out in the morning because the sun bothers them. In this case, they think it's better to just sleep in. 

  • 6 They sleep for too many hours

    Some people need more than the average 8 hours of sleep so they sleep longer and wake up late. 

  • 7 They're depressed

    People with depression might have sleeping problems such as sleeping too much or too little. 

  • 8 They don't have anything to do in the morning

    People who don't have any responsibilities to attend to in the morning have no reason to wake up early and thus might sleep in. 

  • 9 The morning is full of distractions

    Some people find it impossible to get anything done in the morning due to many distractions, thus they sleep in the morning and work at night. 

  • 10 They enjoy the night life

    People who like to go to parties and experience night life will be forced to sleep late and wake up late.