Why some women like older men

  • 1 They are more confident and secure

    Older men are usually more confident and have secure lives, careers and are settled on what they want in life. If a woman considers these traits as a priority, she will be attracted to older men. 

  • 2 They have money

    Some women like older men because they are financially secure and usually have their private homes, as opposed to younger men who are still establishing their lives. 

  • 3 They're sexually experienced

    Older men are usually more sexually experienced than younger men. They also listen to their partners, which is something women appreciate. See Why women love womanizers

  • 4 They're mature

    Some women prefer older men because they are usually more mature and intellectually stimulating. 

  • 5 They're not afraid of commitment

    As opposed to younger men who don't like to commit to one woman, older men are usually more ready to be in a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. 

  • 6 They are smarter

    Some women find older men more intelligent and able to engage in conversations well, which is why some women prefer them over younger men. 

  • 7 They're well-read

    Most older men have a knack for literature and do a lot of reading, which is something that appeals to intellectual women. 

  • 8 They're more attractive

    Some women like older men mainly because they find them more physically attractive than younger men. See What do women find attractive in men

  • 9 As a way of compensation

    Some women seek older life partners as a way to compensate for a troubled relationship with their fathers.

  • 10 Seeking the qualities of a father

    Some women like older men because they have the same qualities their fathers had and would like to be around a man who possesses such valued qualities. 

  • 11 They would make good fathers

    A 2010 study done by Scottish psychologists revealed that women like older men because they would make good fathers, are wealthy and are more emotionally stable. 

  • 12 They're authority figures

    Some women like older men because to them they represent authority and are able to take charge in tough situations. See Why most women are attracted to taller men

  • 13 They treat women well

    Some women prefer older men because they know how to treat women well and are generally more well-mannered than younger ones. 

  • 14 They live healthy lifestyles

    Most older men are past partying and getting drunk/high. They lead healthier lifestyles and do everything in moderation, which some women look for when searching for a life partner. 

  • 15 To defy the norm

    Some women go for older men because they like to break the taboos set by society such as dating older men.