Why stock photos are bad and ineffective

    Why stock photos are bad and ineffective

  • 1 They don't look real

    People don't pay attention to images that seem manufactured or unreal. A stock photo featuring a business person will seem fake and so it won't catch the attention of people.

  • 2 Real life pictures get more clicks

    Humans like to connect with people; real life pictures give humans the sense of reality they are looking for in an image.

  • 3 They are repetitive

    Over the years, so many webmasters and advertisers have used stock photos, especially the ones featuring people, to the extent that they exhausted them. People are more likely to filter repetitive information than novel ones.

  • 4 They are considered noise

    The brains of internet users have started to consider such stock photos a certain form of noise, and as a result, they are usually ignored.

  • 5 They look like ads

    Stock photos featuring people usually remind people of ads, and because most people don't like to buy something through ads, they are turned away by those photos. See why ads are bad for a website.

  • 6 They don't give the real sensation

    Because most stock photos involve models trying to fake certain emotions, the photos usually end up looking unreal. People can better connect with images taken from real situations.

  • 7 They make webmasters look lazy

    As stock photos are the fastest ones a person can find, they usually give the impression that the webmaster who used them was lazy.

  • 8 They don't look professional anymore

    Back in the days when stock photos were new, they looked professional; however, as people got used to them, they started looking like an obsolete trend.

  • 9 Effective pictures need to be emotionally engaging

    For a picture to be effective, it needs to be emotionally engaging, which can hardly happen with stock photos. Real pictures can arose more emotions since they contain all the elements a person's brain is expecting to find.

  • 10 They aren't colorful enough

    It's believed that colorful images can attract attention more then less colorful images. Stock images are usually displayed on a white background with few colorful elements available.

  • 11 They can seem unrelated

    If a business added a picture of a person who doesn't work there in an environment that has nothing to do with the business then the picture will seem very unrelated and won't catch the people's attention.