Why students have to wear uniforms

  • 1 A connection to the school

    School uniforms symbolize a valuable connection to the school, especially if they are schools with a rich history. 

  • 2 To have a sense of belonging

    Students are made to wear uniforms so they feel that they belong to a certain institution or community.

  • 3 To forget about brands

    Schools assign uniforms to students so that they leave behind famous brands and clothing labels that give them a certain status, and instead focus on education. 

  • 4 Eliminates peer pressure

    Wearing uniforms in schools eliminates the factor of peer pressure that makes some students dress in a certain way in order to fit in. 

  • 5 Pushes away bullies

    School uniforms are a great way to keep bullies away who like to pick on some students because of the clothes they're wearing. See Why do some students drop out of school

  • 6 As a way to distinguish the students

    School uniforms are a way of distinguishing students who skip school, for example, since they can be easily spotted by their uniform. 

  • 7 Can lower clothing costs

    School uniforms are practical in the sense that they lower the cost of clothing that parents have to buy for their children to wear to school. 

  • 8 It teaches students to obey the rules

    Having to wear uniforms at schools forces students to obey the rules no matter what. In this case, uniforms serve a moral purpose. 

  • 9 Prepares students for life after school

    Uniforms prepare students for life after school where they will have to dress smartly or formally on many occasions. 

  • 10 It saves time

    Wearing a school uniform everyday allows students to save time every morning by not having to pick out an outfit and match their clothes.