Why you should donate to charity

    Why you should donate to charity

  • 1 Sadness is contagious

    Our brains copy the emotions of people we see and meet using mirror neurons. If we live in a sad society, we will become sad as well. When you give money to charity, the people around you will become happier and their happiness will be transferred to you.

  • 2 Making a difference

    As Gandhi said, if you want to see the change in the world, start with yourself. Giving money to charity can help make the world a better place.

  • 3 Self-esteem boost

    When you give money to charity some people will think of you as a hero or a savior. Even if that's not your intention, it can provide a very good self-esteem boost.

  • 4 A sense of belonging

    Giving money to charity will satisfy one of the most important (if not the most important) human needs - that of belonging to the world you live in. Your life will become more fulfilled and meaningful after you become a part of a charity group. See also what is Maslow's hierarchy of needs 

  • 5 Makes us feel better

    Studies have shown that the act of giving money to others makes us more happy and satisfied. Charity allows us to feel good about ourselves and has a direct impact on our self-worth and self-esteem.

  • 6 Sharing can promote happiness

    Charity creates the opportunity to share happiness with others. Shared happiness is a more intense feeling than happiness shared with nobody. Humans can never get enough of good feelings, and charity is one way of getting them.

  • 7 Allows you to make more friends

    You will expand your circle of friends by meeting other people involved in charity organizations. You will meet like-minded people and your social life will improve. See also why do we join groups.

  • 8 Use objects, love people

    In the current age of blooming narcissism, many people love objects and use people, while it should be the other way around - we should use objects and love people in order to feel good. Charity helps build strong interpersonal bonds with others, thus moving us away from narcissism.

  • 9 Creating lifelong memories

    The good memories you create by doing charity work will last a life time. In the end, no one remembers the bad things they went through - only feelings of happiness, love and the good times they had. Having more of that is never too much.

  • 10 Build a legacy that lives on

    Starting a charity campaign is a legacy that will live on long after we are gone. By getting involved in charity work, your contribution can last for years and you are guaranteed to build a legacy.

  • 11 Feeling powerful

    Studies have shown that giving away money makes people feel powerful, in control and less helpless. These feelings can help a person fight bad emotions and feel better about his life.

  • 12 It keeps you away from selfishness

    Selfishness is one of the worst traits a person can posses and charity counteracts it.